8 facts you need to know before starting Invisalign treatment

In the previous article we explained what invisible aligners are and how this revolutionary treatment method emerge to the orthodontics world, and I summarized the steps that every client will need to go through from the moment he enters the clinic to the moment he receives his 1st aligner.
Now let’s talk about 8 Facts you need to know before you start your treatment journey using transparent aligners:

1- As I mentioned at the beginning, transparent aligners are similar to other types of orthodontic devices, they need a sufficient period of time to succeed in moving the teeth to their correct position. Meaning that their results are not faster as promoted by some orthodontists and even manufacturers.


2- The transparent aligner requires the full commitment to wearing it for at least 20 hours a day, including bedtimes, of course. And it is removed when eating - you should not eat while wearing it in the mouth - and when drinking hot drinks as well, because they may affect the plastic material from which it is made.

3- Each aligner should be worn for a period of 5 days -at least- up to two weeks. The treating orthodontist is the one who determines the sufficient time needed to gain the desired results of each aligner, before moving to the next one.

4-  You must keep the transparent aligner clean, and wash it inside and out, using a toothbrush at least twice a day.
In pharmacies, you can find special detergents made for cleaning removable braces. Since it is preferable not to use toothpaste for them, because it may lead to their quick weariness. As well, your failure to clean the aligners well may lead to a change in their color - usually to yellow -. But in spite of this, there is no need to worry, as each aligner is replaced with a new one (about every five to 10 days) as we mentioned above. 

5- Receiving all the aligners together at the early beginning of the treatment process, does not mean that you can carry them all to your home without any need for the orthodontist's consultation.
Because the treatment plan often includes some procedures that the orthodontist should perform during some stages of treatment. 
In addition, it is necessary for the doctor to follow-up the treatment developments and constantly ensure there are no problems that might damage teeth, or lead to a delay in the treatment results.
We usually advise patients to visit the orthodontist periodically during the treatment journey -every 5 to 6 weeks- according to the doctor's recommendations.

6- Dental and oral health care is vital and important during orthodontic treatment in general, and the treatment using transparent aligners is no exception.

7- Because transparent aligners are a type of orthodontic treatments anyway, therefore, -as usual- at the end of orthodontic treatment, we will need to use teeth fasteners. Whether fixed ones -which we install behind the front teeth- or movable ones (similar to transparent aligners in shape). Patients should commit to wearing the dental fasteners for a period of time determined by the doctor. (We will talk about the fasteners in detail in a separate article).

8- Several companies that recently appeared, provide the service of manufacturing and delivering transparent aligners, without the need to visit an orthodontic clinic! and there's no need to mention the danger of this type of treatment and its bad effects on the teeth. Because the follow-up of the patient's case by a competent orthodontist is crucial. 
For example, imagine with me if I gave you the tools that I use as an orthodontist, gave you the braces, and asked you to install them yourself at home, and perform the treatment alone or with the help of a technician from a manufacturing company via Zoom, do you agree to undergo such a type of treatment?
Unfortunately, what these companies offer is totally similar to this idea, they attract buyers using their low prices and their convenient treatment process.