How does oral health affect athletes?

Dental consultations at the 2012 Olympic Games comprised 30% of all medical visits (second only to musculoskeletal). which means we have a real problem with the oral health of athletes and their athletic performance…


Pregnancy and oral health

Since the beginning of my work as an orthodontist in Dubai and later in Al Ain, many pregnant women who visited my clinic had a mutual fear of dental and orthodontic treatments during pregnancy, but is this fear justified?

8 facts you need to know before starting Invisalign treatment

In the previous article we explained what invisible aligners are and how this revolutionary treatment method emerge to the orthodontics world, and I summarized the steps that every client will need to go through from the moment he enters the clinic to the moment he receives his 1st aligner.

Transparent Aligners

Without any embarrassment, beauty issues, or any inconveniences while eating your favorite meal, I can say Orthodontic treatment is possible!

Today we will talk about a topic that I have always been asked about, whether in my clinic or on social media, the transparent aligner, or what we call the ((invisible aligners)).

Anterior Crossbite

While You are playing with your little child, laughing with him heartily, and in the midst of your happy moment, you notice something wrong in his smile. You stop for a while to recognize the problem. It seems like a teeth misalignment

Mouth breathing

Today we will talk about a common problem among our children, which many parents do not pay enough attention to, although it has a big role in many orthodontic problems, and its early treatment can protect our children from a long journey of orthodontic treatment, and save the time and cost as well.

Mouth breathing problem, (breathing only through the mouth but not through the nose)