Invisalign Aligners

The invisible aligners are the newest arrival in the orthodontic treatment field, and one of the best options for performing orthodontic treatment without causing any inconvenience to the patient, and without being noticed by the others.

The invisible braces consist of very thin clear plastic molds, that are designed by computer programs and manufactured by special robotic machines. In the beginning, measurements of the teeth are taken using a digital scanner to provide us with a digital model of the teeth on the computer. Based on this model, we develop a treatment plan to correct the alignment of the teeth and reach an ideal smile. After that on the computer we divided treatment to stages, in each stage teeth will move to their final and ideal position gradually. Finally, a custom-made clear aligner is manufactured for each stage of the treatment stages.


The aligners gradually push the teeth towards their ideal pre-planned positions. Each Invisible aligner should be changed and replaced with the next aligner every 7 to 10 days (depending on the case).

The Patient must commit to wearing the aligners for twenty hours a day to ensure obtaining the desired results. The aligners should be removed during eating or during drinking hot drinks.

Among the most important features of the invisible aligners, which make them preferable to people than the conventional fixed braces:

1- It is invisibility.
2- Comfortable and does not cause irritation on lips or cheeks from the inside.
3- Easy cleaning of teeth and even teeth whitening can be done during the treatment.
4- The ability to eat all types of food, as usual, there are no metal braces attached to
the teeth and no fear that they will break if we eat hard or sticky things.


People who are interested in straightening their teeth using the Invisible aligners should focus on three important points when making this decision:

1- Choosing specialist orthodontics to conduct the treatment, because, unfortunately, many dentists (other than orthodontists) perform this type of treatment, believing that the computers that make these clear aligners will do what is required for the success of the treatment, but this assumption is wrong because even if the treatment technique different in invisible aligners, the case that is being treated remains an orthodontic case and needs sufficient experience and knowledge to ensure that the treatment proceeds properly with no medical errors, and if any occurs, the doctor must have sufficient experience to deal with it.

2- Choosing an orthodontist with good experience in the field of Invisible aligners, because this type of treatment is still not common in Middle Eastern societies in comparison to other traditional orthodontic treatments. The fact that the orthodontist has a great experience in orthodontics does not necessarily mean that he has sufficient experience in the field of invisible aligners, this experience comes from conducting many and many successful treatments with this type of aligners over several years.

3- Choosing a good Aligner manufacturer to make the clear trays. After more than 25 years have passed since the first invisible aligner manufacturer (Invisalign) appeared, there are now many companies working in this field, and even some local dental laboratories manufacture them manually. However, not all these companies offer the same quality or perfection in the product. From my professional point of view, with more than eight years of experience in the field of invisible aligners, the quality of the plastic material from which the aligners are made, and the mastery of the manufacturing process are decisive factors in the success of the treatment. After my experience with the products of many companies, “Invisalign “was one of the best manufacturers, it is way ahead of its competitors in terms of technologies used to manufacture trays.